Why are there more tornadoes in the United States than in France?

Why are there more tornadoes in the United States than in France?

Danny: “Tornadoes form and feed on energy drawn from large bodies of warm water. So they originate mainly over the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico.

They then move along the prevailing winds.

Those of the Gulf of Mexico can ”attack” either Central America, or Cuba and the south of the United States. ”

Luc: ”In fact, what Danny describes is the origin of hurricanes. Tornadoes are very violent phenomena that are generated by thunderstorms, therefore of a much smaller scale. A hurricane can cover thousands of square kilometers, while a tornado is usually a few tens of meters in diameter. The main reason why there are more tornadoes in the United States is the meeting of warm and humid air masses from the Gulf of Mexico and icy air masses from northern Canada. This contrast is very pronounced in the spring and this is why the greatest number of tornadoes occur in the United States in April-May.”

Internet addendum:
Luc: ”Regarding Monday’s hurricane, Danny was right, because most often hurricanes and tornadoes are generated by the same air condensation phenomena. It is a phenomenon called a “puff” that develops in a strong wind and propagates at a speed equal to or greater than the wind speed. It can lead to severe damage, but generally tornadoes are more localized than hurricanes. Tornadoes are of limited duration, and move mainly to the northeast. Hurricanes, on the other hand, are generally slower, larger and more violent. In a hurricane, there are heat waves that can reach 90 degrees Celsius.

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