Kid-Friendly Ski Vacations: How to Plan a Family Ski Trip

Kid-Friendly Ski Vacations: How to Plan a Family Ski Trip

Kid-Friendly Ski Vacations: Tips On Planning A Fun And Enjoyable Family Ski Trip

Heading off to the slopes for a winter getaway? Ski vacations with your family can be some of the most enjoyable, yet hectic trips you’ll ever take. Planning ahead is essential to ensuring that you’ll have a successful, stress-free ski trip with your children.

Select Appropriate Ski Accommodations

One of the key considerations when planning a ski vacation with your children is where to stay. Opt for slopeside lodging to make getting to the ski resort and facilities easier. Accommodations that are ski-in/ski-out, or have a ski valet and concierge, can makeit even easier to hit the slopes as soon as possible.

Some ski resorts may also offer their own kid-friendly services to help your family get the most out of their vacation. When choosing where to stay, look for properties that provide accommodations for all family members, including children. Some resorts that cater to families may offer amenities such as swimming pool and spa access, game rooms, and child care services. Exploring ski resorts that have these offerings can simplify and often make your ski trip easier.

Essential Items For Your Kids

Before you hit the slopes with your family, be sure to pack appropriately for your young skiers. Kids need specialized items that adults may not need, so here are some essential items to consider packing:

  • Snow jackets and pants:These should always go over layers of clothing to keep your children warm and dry on the slopes.
  • Helmets:Helmets are a must for all family members when skiing and snowboarding. Make sure your ski resort provides helmets for your kids or bring your own.
  • Mittens and gloves:Keeping your kids’ hands warm is essential for an enjoyable ski trip. Look for mittens that replace traditional gloves which may get wet and uncomfortable quickly.
  • A neck gaiter or balaclava:These items can help keep your kids warm from exposed faces, ears and necks.
  • Goggles:Goggles will help keep your children’s vision clear when skiing.
  • Hats:It’s essential to keep heads warm. Consider hats or beanies that fit easily under helmets.

In addition to the necessary items needed for skiing, be sure to also bring items such as hot cocoa, snacks, and items such as lip balm and sunscreen for breaks between runs.

Planning Ski activities for the entire family

Skiing isn’t the only remarkable activity your family can enjoy during a ski vacation. Ski resorts often offer a variety of activities for kids, so be sure to explore what your resort has to offer. Many family-friendly ski resorts offer lessons and equipment rentals, as well as snowshoeing, zip-lining, Nordic trails, and snow tubing. Exploring these family-friendly activities can help create unique bonding experiences as you explore and have fun together.

Making It Affordable

A ski vacation doesn’t have to be an extravagant excursion. You may be able to save money on a ski trip for your family in a number of ways. Consider things like reserving your entire vacation months in advance, purchasing lift tickets early, or booking a last-minute deal. You may also take advantage of family packages offered at many ski resorts.

Also, be sure to check out ski swap events for bargains on used equipment. These events are great for picking up last-minute items such as outdoor clothing, and accessories for a fraction of the price. Some resorts may even offer discounted lift tickets for kids and families, so always be sure to ask about special rates and promotions.

Hit The Slopes and Have Fun

With a bit of careful planning and smart packing, your family can hit the slopes and have the most enjoyable ski vacation ever. The most important thing is to relax and enjoy the adventure and the time spent with your family. The great outdoors await you both on and off the slopes. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for a fun and memorable family ski trip.

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