Ecosia: Amazon fires make this unknown search engine popular

Ecosia: Amazon fires make this unknown search engine popular

Now number 1 in France and in many other countries, the Ecosia application is a search engine that competes with Google and Bing, and whose particularity is to be eco-responsible. Thus, 80% of the revenues generated by the searches of the Internet users are dedicated to the planting of trees in various regions of the world, including Brazil.

Ten years ago, in partnership with Yahoo! and Bing, Ecosia, an eco-responsible search engine, was born in Germany. Unknown, even unknown, it resurfaced this week with an audience that exploded: + 1,150%! Better still, the application has become one of the most popular in the world with 250,000 installations per day, compared to the usual 20,000.

How to explain such a craze? Unfortunately, it is the violent fires that affect the Amazon that are at the origin of this sudden popularity. Unfortunately, and fortunately, since Ecosia is committed to donating 80% of its revenues to reforestation, and this has resulted in tens of millions of trees planted in 15 countries since its creation. In Brazil alone, Ecosia plans to replant three million trees in the next six months. Currently, the rate is one tree planted every 0.8 seconds!

Number 1 in France on the App Store

“At a meeting, people were very happy with the numbers but also sad because of the forest fires. So it’s both an exciting and tragic event,” reacted Christian Kroll, Ecosia’s CEO, interviewed by Business Insider. A popularity born on social networks where Ecosia quickly became one of the most shared and followed keywords when there was a global awareness of the gravity of the situation.

By the end of August, the application will have been installed a million times, either on smartphones or inside a browser, as an extension and this August 30, the application is number 1 in France on iOS but also 7th on Android, ahead of applications like Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook Messenger.

Ecosia, the green search engine for the Amazon forest

Ecosia is an eco-responsible or “green” search engine. Most of the revenues are donated to the WWF, and more particularly to the Rainforest project, which works for the preservation of the Amazonian forest. A way to combine technology and environment. Christian Kroll, founder of Ecosia, tells us about the genesis of his project and explains the principles of Ecosia, its policy and its functioning.

Christian Kroll is an eco-responsible developer. In 2007, following a trip that opened his eyes to the world, nature and the environment, he decided to create his first militant search engine, Xabbel. Progressively, after several trials, he deepened his approaches and in 2009 he created Ecosia, in partnership with Bing and Yahoo.

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